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Styrofoam signs

As one of the first on the market, we quickly realized the possibilities with styrofoam. Through a Styrofoam sign, you not only get an affordable alternative, but also a unique chance to choose a size. Nothing is too big or too small for us to take on the task. Styrofoam sign with 3D text is excellent as both shop signs and facade signs and thanks to its low weight, you never have to worry about spending money on small, unseen trade fairs. You can easily take the portable Styrofoam sign with you to the fair and make your competitors pale in comparison. Whether you want a logo or letters, we can produce what you want. Below you will find Styrofoam logos with plexiglass front to get a little more luxurious feeling, as well as just painted Styrofoam logos. You can also dress the front with a printed 3mm forex such as the OKQ8 logo.


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